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Benefits of Manuka Honey

The benefits of active Australian Manuka Honey are quite remarkable.  

Manuka Honey Origin  

For thousands of years going back to ancient civilisations, honey has been used to help heal wounds.

There are even reports of honey being successfully used for other problems such as burns, skin ulcers and infections. Honey is a sweet and viscous fluid produced by bees and derived from the nectar of flowers.

The Unique Manuka Factor Discovery  

Active Manuka Honey (Leptospermum scoparium) was first discovered by Dr. Peter Molan M.B.E. of New Zealand's Waikato University Honey Research Unit while doing routine research on the anti-bacterial properties of honeys in general. Dr. Molan received an M.B.E. for his outstanding work on honey. Our Australian Manuka Honey comes from bees who feed on the flowers of the Leptospermum bush (Tea Tree), they then take the pollen back to the hive and add an enzyme which converts it to honey.

This Unique Manuka Factor is not found in any other honey. Our Australian Manuka Honey has unique health properties, which make it special compared to other honeys and it is used in many ways to support the healing process that the body needs to stay healthy. All active Australian Manuka Honey comes with a  rating and the higher the rating, the greater the antibacterial strength of the honey. 

Manuka Honey Properties 

Manuka Honey with a high Non Peroxide rating has been found in laboratory studies to be twice as effective as other honey against staphylococcus aureus and eschericihia coli, the most common cause of infected wounds. It is also eight times as effective against helicobacter pylori, the bacteria which causes most stomach ulcers.

No bacteria has been found, in the laboratory, to be resistant to the Non Peroxide Activity (NPA) activity.

Australian Manuka Honey is also rich in a unique enzyme known as glucose oxidase that produces natural hydrogen peroxide. All honey contain some levels of glucose oxidase, but Manuka varieties that are high in NPA are uniquely powerful at preventing and treating bacterial infections due to the synergistic interaction between this enzyme and UMF.

The Waikato Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato in New Zealand, which first discovered UMF back in the early 1990s, also found that medical Manuka Honey also contains other non-peroxide, antibacterial components as well. These components, as well as Unique Manuka Factor, are uniquely important because they are not broken down by the body's catalase enzyme system in the same way that hydrogen peroxide is, which makes Manuka Honey far more powerful medicinally than other forms of honey.

Australian Manuka Honey and Nature's Gold

As Australian Manuka Honey is the active ingredient in our Therapeutic Skin Cream, it has a proven record for providing therapeutic and cosmetic benefits for many different skin irritations. Not only does it give symptomatic relief from irritations such as eczema, dermatitis, sunburn, insect bites and stings but it also has excellent moisturising and nourishing properties which make it an excellent all round cream for all skin types. 

Australian Manuka Honey with its amazing healing and moisturising properties is the main active in all of our products.  It is able to penetrate the skin very quickly to start to repair and moisturise - see some examples below.



                            Nasty scratch - before and after                   Cracked heals - before and after


                            Sunburn                                                                         Eczema




  Fungal Infections