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'A Sweeter You'  - our new range of Artisan honeys include Manuka and Plum.

We begin with the finest 100% Australian Manuka Honey sourced from local beekeepers across the south-east coast of Australia. Our range of Artisan Manuka Honey uses carefully selected flavours to create a truly delectable taste experience in every serving.

We've achieved a symphony of sweetness by adding juicy Australian Plums to our delicious Manuka Honey.

For something a little special, try adding a spoonful of the plum froth in your coffee! Don't discard the froth on the top of the honey - this is a natural process that occurs when we mix manuka honey and plum together. We could fine filter but we decide not to so that all the enzymes and wonderful healing properties of the manuka are kept in tact. Use this froth as a natural sweetener in your coffee. You will get hooked on plum and manuka in your coffee. You can also stir and combine the honey and froth.

This plum manuka honey can be spread on toast or breads, mixed in drinks and milkshakes, used as sugar in your coffee for a great tasting coffee and great for pancakes. We have been told it is also a wonderful marinate for chicken. A very special honey for those very special occasions.

Perfect as a gift or to say thank you to someone.

Raw, unpasteurised, pure 100% Australian Manuka Honey with Australian Plum. Nothing else is added and both sizes come in a glass jar that you can reuse - 135g and 160g.

Try it. You will love it!  Check out our RECIPES as well.

Try our Manuka and Chilli, Manuka and Salt and Manuka and Ginger and keep a look out for our other honeys coming out shortly.

 Made in Australia         AMHA               

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