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Premium Manuka Honey Collection

Premium Manuka Honey Collection

Nature's Gold Premium Manuka Honey Collection


This extremely rare, super high rated MGO 1000+ and MGO 1150+ Australian Manuka Honey has some of the highest purity you will find. As this is a product direct from nature, slight flavour or colour variations will occur. Every batch of Nature's Gold Manuka Honey is independently University tested and guaranteed to contain at least 1000mg and 1150mg Methylglyoxal per kg.

NPA to MGO ComparissonMGO Strength Scale

MGO Rating - What is it?

What does the MGO rating on each jar mean, and why do we use this system?


Most premium Manuka Honey from Australia carries an NPA rating which specifies its non-peroxide activity (NPA). An NPA rating takes into account the honey’s concentration of DHA (dihydroxyacetone), Methylglyoxal, and Leptosperin. We are proud that our Premium Manuka Honey Collection contains 100% Australian MGO 1000+ and MGO 1150+ Manuka Honey (Methylglyoxal 1000mg/kg & Methylglyoxal 1150mg/kg).

Contains nothing but super high grade Australian Manuka Honey.


MGO occurs naturally in authentic Manuka, and this is the component responsible for much of its non-peroxide activity (NPA).

The amount of MGO in Manuka honey can be measured directly, using specialist chemistry equipment, and it is expressed as parts per million (ppm) or mg/kg. The approximate relationship between MGO concentration and the NPA of Manuka Honey is shown in the graphic above.

Best Manuka in the world

*References: Windsor S., Pappalardo M., Brooks P., Williams S., and Manley-Harrys M. A. (2012)
Convenient new analysis of dihydroxyacetone and methylglyoxal applied to Australian Leptospermum honeys. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy, 4(1) Jessie Bong, Gordana Prijic, Terry J. Braggins, Ralf C. Schlothauer, Jonathan M. Stephens. Kerry M. Loomes (2017) Leptosperin is a distinct and detectable flourophore in Leptospermum honeys. Food Chemstry, Volume 214, Pages 102-109, ISSN 0308-8146

Very Rare - Extremely Limited Stock

This Manuka Honey is one of our signature products. we are so proud to announce that our premium MGO 1000+ and MGO 1150+ honey is harvested from pristine areas of South Eastern Australia. This is finest grade of all Manuka Honey in the world. Our exceptional MGO 1000+ and MGO 1150+ honey is also extremely limited in stock due to a significantly rare harvest rate.

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MGO 1000+ Australian Manuka Honey
MGO 1000+

125g Jar 89.00AUD | 300g Jar 179.00AUD

Can be used topically and externally when a high level of antibacterial activity is required to treat wounds and burns, reduce the redness and swelling associated with scarring, severe acne by drawing out toxins and excess sebum to keep pores clean, bacterial infections, ulcers and cold sores.

May also be taken internally to improve digestive health, aid in the treatment of stomach ulcers and gingivitis.

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MGO 1000+ Australian Manuka Honey
MGO 1150+

 125g Jar 109.00AUD | 300g Jar 239.00AUD

 The highest grade active Manuka Honey available. It is important to note that when Manuka Honey is ingested, it gets diluted by your stomach, reducing the effectiveness of the antibacterial properties. For more chronic gut infections, it is important to use the highest antibacterial level.

Use our MGO 1150+ honey for all conditions as per the MGO 1000+ honey, however the MGO 1150+ honey has extra healing power to assist in the treatment of more chronic symptoms and conditions.

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Location, Location, Location.

Pictured above is one of our hive sites which is located in the dark green area of the Australian map (below). This is where the high strength Manuka Honey comes from. The honey is taken directly from the hives, centrifugally spun, then filtered and bottled.Every batch is tested at the Sunshine Coast University by Dr Peter Brooks and his team after which he provides Nature's Gold with a certificate with all the relevant data for that batch. Nature's Gold allocates a batch no. and this batch no. follows the Manuka from harvesting through to the customer.

Manuka Honey Strength MapDr Peter Brooks Australia



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Premium Australian Manuka Honey