Manuka Honey Pops

2 Tbsp Nature's Gold Manuka Honey MGO30
4 Tbsp Water
6 Tbsp Sugar
Silicone lollipop mould

1.  Place the honey, sugar and water into a saucepan and stir on the heat until it starts to boil.
2.  Once boiling, lower the heat, and caramelise the mixture.  Cook until it reaches a temperature of 145-155C or 295-300F on a candy thermometer*
3.  Pour the mixture into silicone lollypop moulds, insert the sticks into the lollipops and allow to set and completely harden before removing from the moulds.

*The mixture needs to reach a hard crack stage to completely set.  If you do not have a candy thermometer, place a drop of the mixture into a bowl of very cold water and if it forms a hard ball it is ready.


  • Hi Karin,
    These lollipops are made with a low grade MGO 30 Manuka Honey and are beneficial for the lubrication of a dry scratchy throat and they taste great! To treat a sore throat, we recommend a teaspoon a day of MGO 829 (20+) short term while the problem persists.

    Nature's Gold
  • Hi I’d really love to try these lollipops. However, I’m just wondering… if heating the honey, does that kill all the goodness in it? Because I was reading that Manuka honey is volatile and shouldn’t be exposed to high heat.


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